Converting TestStand Sequence File to ASCII Format

Updated Oct 25, 2020



  • TestStand

Can I convert my TestStand sequence file into an ASCII formatted text file? 

Yes you are able to save your TestStand sequence file as an XML formatted file which will allow you to open the sequence file as an ASCII based text file. To do so please follow the steps listed below:
1. Open your TestStand sequence file
2. At the top of the TestStand environment hover over “Edit” and select “Sequence File Properties…” from the options listed
3. You will receive a pop-up for the TestStand sequence file properties and from here you will see a property for “File Format:”
4. The default should be set to “Binary (fastest and smallest)” but change it to “XML (most readable, largest)”
5. Save your TestStand sequence
At this point you can select your TestStand sequence file within your Windows directory and elect to open the file using Notepad which will allow you to see your TestStand sequence as an ASCII formatted text file.