Rearranging the Order of Plot Area for Mixed Signal Graph

Updated Mar 7, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have a mixed signal graph and have created different plot areas for the different signals. However, I cannot rearrange the order of the plot areas. For example, when I add my 2 plot areas, the default looks like this: group 0 on top, and group 1 at the bottom. I want to rearrange it such that group 1 is at the top and group 0 is at the bottom. 


Option 1: Drag and Drop

1. Right click on your mixed signal graph 
2. Select advanced --> customised (a pop up window should come up with the graph) 
3. Click on the wrench icon in the pop up window

4. Drag the subplot to change its position into the order desired
Note: Splitter bar does not work properly when moved using option 1, refer to option 2 if you need the splitter bars to function. 

Option 2: Move the Signals to a Different Plot Area

1. Right click on the mixed signal graph  
2. Select "plots" tab  
3. Select the signal that you want to move  
4. Change the Y scale to the plot area that you want it to appear on