Connect to a Scale With an RS232 Port Using LabVIEW

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • LabVIEW



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I want to read the data of a digital scale with RS232 port using LabVIEW. Should I do a normal program and install the controller, or do I need to have a DAQ device to communicate with the scale?


There are two possibilities:
  1. The scale uses a standard RS232 port: This is the most common case. Find information about it in the scale's manual.
    To communicate with the scale, use either the RS232 port of your computer or an RS232-to-USB, RS232-to-Ethernet or similar converter connected to it. The serial port will pop up in your Windows' Device Manager (typically as COM1 or similar) and you can use it directly with LabVIEW's VISA functions to send and receive data.
  2. Your scale has a 9-pin connector that only looks like RS232 but has different pin definitions and its own protocol. In this case you might need to implement the communication using a DAQ device. Refer to the scale's manual on how to communicate with it.