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NI Licensing Policy on Virtual Machines

Updated Nov 14, 2022

Issue Details

If I want to run LabVIEW or other NI software on one or more virtual machines/virtual desktops, how many licenses do I need to purchase?


The use of any NI Software on virtual machines follows the same licensing rules for physical computers. In the "NI Software License Agreement", it is mentioned that any mention of "Computer" or "computer" in this document refers to one computer or if the software is being used in connection with a virtual machine, one virtual machine on one computer. 

Therefore, users with licenses that have restrictions on physical computers should make sure they are following the same policy when using LabVIEW on virtual machines. 
  • For "Name User License", the user may install the Software on up to a total of three virtual machines and physical computers in a single workplace of the designated Named User. Only the designated Named User, however, may use or otherwise run the SOFTWARE and the SOFTWARE may not be run concurrently (i.e., it may only be in launched on one virtual machine at a time).
  • For "Computer-Based License", you may install the Software on one computer in your workplace. There is no limitation on the number of users on this computer. All the Software must be installed and used on the same computer.
  • For other types of licenses, the policy on a virtual machine is identical to the policy on physical computers.