Autorouter Doesn't Complete The 100% of Traces in Ultiboard

Updated Mar 2, 2018

Reported In


  • Ultiboard 14.1 Full

Issue Details

I'm using the autorouter option on Ultiboard and it doesn't completes the 100% of the traces. I have a simple schematic and Ultiboard only completes the 50% aproximately of the traces using the auto-route option 


There are some settings that you can verify in order to run the autoroute feature in Ultiboard successfully. 

1. Allow routing in all the copper layers available. To verify this setting go to Options>>PCB Properties.  In the Copper layers  tab verify the routing on the Allow routing section. Enable the Routing Checkbox in the Copper Layer Properties window.

2. Verify the minimum width for all Nets. If you have a minimum width too high, this makes difficult to find valid paths for all the traces. You can verify this information in the Nets tab in the Spreadsheet View.  

3.  Enable the Auto adjust trace width in the settings section Autoroute>> Autoroute/place Options. 


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