Licensing Wizard Not Connecting to NI's Activation Server

Updated Jul 31, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • NI License Manager

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

The Licensing Wizard shows that there was a problem accessing NI's activation server. It says cannot connect to I have tried opening up LabVIEW and I get the same error. 
I have successfully used the Serial Number to activate LabVIEW in the past. However, I get the message above from the Licensing Wizard when I either:
  • Activate the software on a different computer.
  • Activate a different version of LabVIEW on the same computer, after installing previous versions.
  • Activate different software.


Please follow these troubleshooting steps:
  1. Activate the software with a different method using NI License Manager. Check if the activation is successful. 
  2. If step 1 was not successful, check your NI License Manager version. If it is an older version, then upgrade NI License Manager to its latest version.
  3. If step 2 was not successful, repair all the software that you are trying to activate. After you repair all the software that you are having problems with, you can try to activate the software again.
  4. If step 3 was not successful, force reinstall the software that you are trying to activate. If the software was installed using NI Package Manager, please follow these steps instead: Uninstall NI Software or Drivers Using NI Package Manager .
  5. If all other steps fail, please contact NI Support.