Unable to download .zip using HTTP GET

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I'm trying to use HTTP GET in order to download a zip file, but when I try to download the file it doesn't allow me to open the .zip. 


From the GET VI's help: output file specifies a file to save body data returned by the server. If you do not specify and output file, the VI does not save the body data to a file. 

In other words, if you specify an output file it will save the response from the server into the file you specify. 

If the .zip file doesn't open, this means that the url server is not properly downloading the file. Instead of the expected file, the server response is saved instead, which will create an invalid .zip.  For example, you may get this kind of behavior if the zip files you're trying to download gets redirected by the server or if you get a 301 response.  

You can see what may be happening by creating an indicator from the Header output of HTTP GET.  This indicator will provide information on any error messages you may get from the server. For example, if the link is being redirected, the Header output will provide the redirect link.


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