Web-Based Installer Cannot Communicate with NI Software

Updated Apr 19, 2023

Issue Details

I am using a web-based installer to download and install NI software such as LabVIEW.
When the installer tries to connect to a server and download the installation media, I get the following error:

An issue communicating with National Instruments has occurred. Either this computer does not have an active Internet connection or ni.com is temporarily down. Verify your Internet connection and then click Try Again. If the problem persists, contact National Instruments at ni.com/support.

I am able to navigate to ni.com and my internet connection seems to be working. Why am I seeing this error and how do I resolve it?


This error can occur when your computer cannot make a proper connection with a NI server. Consider each of the following possible factors:
  • Ensure you do not have a firewall or other network protocols blocking the connection to the download server. This is the most common source of this error.
  • Make sure you have admin access on the computer to install the software.
  • It may be possible that the NI server is down or undergoing maintenance. In this case, please try the download again later.
  • Review the troubleshooting steps addressing this similar NI server communication error.
  • If the above steps do not resolve the issue, download the individual offline installers for the software you are attempting to download and install.