Windows CompactDAQ or PXIe Controller Not Appearing in MAX

Updated Apr 25, 2023

Reported In


  • cDAQ-9133
  • cDAQ-9134
  • cDAQ-9135
  • cDAQ-9136
  • cDAQ-9137
  • cDAQ-9132
  • PXIe-8880
  • CompactDAQ Controller
  • PXIe-1062Q


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Operating System

  • Windows Embedded Standard (WES)

Issue Details

  • I have a CompactDAQ (cDAQ) controller 9132/9133/9134/9135/9136/9137 or a PXIe controller (e.g PXIe-8880) with Windows Embedded, but it isn't showing up under remote systems in NI MAX. How can I troubleshoot this?
  • My Windows Embedded controller is missing from NI MAX. How can I add it to remote systems?
  • Do controllers with Windows Embedded show up under remote systems?
  • I've connected my cDAQ controller via Ethernet, but it's not appearing in NI MAX under Devices and Interfaces nor Remote Systems. Why? What's wrong? 


Windows Embedded Controllers will not appear in NI MAX on a separate computer. Since the controller uses a Windows operating system, all configuration of the device is done on the controller itself.

In order to configure and interact with a cDAQ controller running WES7, you can connect a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse to them. Alternatively, you can use remote desktop to access them remotely. For more information, refer to pages 1-6 through 1-9 of the User Manual for cDAQ Controllers .

Additional Information

The following cDAQ Controllers are available as a Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) or a LabVIEW Real-Time system
  • Four-slot cDAQ controllers (cDAQ-9132, cDAQ-9134, and cDAQ-9136)
  • Eight-slot cDAQ controllers (cDAQ-9133, cDAQ-9135, and cDAQ-9137)

You can connect to WES7 systems using a remote desktop program.

Note: Although you can install the LabVIEW development environment on a cDAQ controller, it is recommended to use the development environment on a separate development computer and then deploy your code to the cDAQ controller due to storage capacity and speed.

Also, if your controller has NI Linux RT on it, and it does not appear in NI MAX, please refer to page 1-9 through 1-15 of the User Manual for cDAQ Controllers.​ If you are having trouble finding your cRIO or another remote target, please see NI Networked Device Doesn't Show Up or is Missing in MAX .

Finally, if you are not sure if you have a Windows device or Real-Time device, check the serial number of the controller and compare it to our website. The part numbers are unique to the operating system we ship on it.