Can I Use my Gige Basler Camera With NI 8234 Without Powering it Externally?

Updated Mar 29, 2018

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  • Basler ace
  • PXIe-8234

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I have a basler Gige camera but no power supply. Can it be powered by the ethernet ports on NI 8234?


Basler Gige cameras need external power in order to be functional (the voltage range might vary between 12 to 24 volts based on the camera). This power maybe supplied externally through a power adapter or via NI frame grabbers supportingĀ POE. However, please note that, connecting the camera to a POE card and the power adapter simultaneously will damage the camera owing to excess power. NI 8234 is a 2-Port Gigabit PXI Ethernet Interface Module. It does not have POE capability. The purpose of using an 8234 is to increase the number of ports of your system so that the number of cameras connected can be increased. You need to power your camera via an external adapter if you are using it with the NI 8234.


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