Does PXI 8531 Support Slave Configuration?

Updated Mar 1, 2018

Reported In


  • PCI-8531
  • PCI-8513
  • NI-9853
  • PXI-8531
  • PXI-8513/2
  • NI-9881


  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

I have a CANopen 8531 module, can I use this as a slave to another CANopen master?


No, It is not possible to use CANopen hardware like 8531(or 9881)  in slave configuration. However, this is possible on hardware that works on CAN protocol. But the features provided by current NI driver APIs(XNET and NI-CAN) do not support this directly.

As CANopen is a CAN-based high layer protocol, you can achieve the CANopen slave by coding for CAN frame based on the CANopen specification. This can be accomplished on CAN hardware like 9853, 8513 etc.

Additional Information

The CANopen LabVIEW Library is an example of a CANopen implemented on the CAN protocol by coding for the CAN frames as per the CANopen specification. This library typically executes on the NI-CAN driver but can be executed on XNET also using XNET compatibility layer. However, the CANopen LabVIEW Library supports only Master configuration.


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