Connecting a 2-Wire Quarter-Bridge Sensor to an NI-9236

Updated Nov 16, 2023

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  • NI-9236


  • NI-DAQmx

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I have a 2-Wire Quarter-Bridge Sensor that I want to wire to a NI-9236. How do I connect my sensor?


The Getting Started Guide mentions how to wire a quarter-bridge sensor. A diagram is shown below in Figure 1 with the sensor represented by the resistor symbol. 

Figure 1. Diagram of connecting a Quarter-bridge sensor to the NI 9236
  • For a two-wire sensor, connect one terminal to EXC and the other terminal to both AI and RC
  • Connect the AI terminal and the RC terminal together as close to the terminals of the sensor as possible to reduce error from the leads
  • Orientation of the strain gage does not matter; Either end can be connected to EXC.

Additional Information

For highest accuracy, ensure all lengths of wire between the sensor and the NI-9236 are of equal length with identical wire type and gauge.