Launch VeriStand UI Manager Silently

Updated Feb 23, 2018

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  • VeriStand

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I have a user interface built for my VeriStand project, but I don't want my operators to have to interact with the project at all. I know how to silently deploy my VeriStand project, but I don't know how to silently launch the UI Manager and connect it to the VeriStand gateway. How do I do this?


Please reference the command line arguments below.
/nivsprjSpecifies the UI Manager project to run./nivsprj "<Common Data>\Examples\Stimulus Profile\Engine Demo\Engine Demo.nivsprj"
/sysdefSpecifies the system definition file to use./sysdef "<Common Data>\Examples\Stimulus Profile\Engine Demo\Engine Demo.nivssdf"
/gatewaySpecifies the IP address of the VeriStand Gateway./gateway
/connectTells UI Manager to connect to the target defined by the system definition file./connect

These arguments can be found in the Stimulus Profile Help, and you can use these from the Stimulus Profile Editor, LabVIEW using System Exec., or any other application that can access command line.

When using these commands, make sure that you target NationalInstruments.VeriStand.UIManager.Application.exe located in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\[your version of NI VeriStand UI Manager].