Installing FieldPoint Support for Multiple Versions of LabWindows/CVI

Updated Mar 15, 2018

Reported In


  • Controller for Compact FieldPoint


  • LabWindows/CVI


  • NI-FieldPoint

Issue Details

I installed my FieldPoint drivers after installing LabWindows™/CVI, but the FieldPoint CVI Interface only shows up under Libraries in my most recent version of CVI. In older versions of CVI, I am unable to use FieldPoint functions; the FieldPoint CVI Interface does not show up under Libraries and I get linking errors when I compile my FieldPoint program as shown below.



When the FieldPoint driver installs LabWindows/CVI support, it installs the support files in two different locations: one where the most recent version of CVI will reference it and one in the NI Shared directory. The FieldPoint CVI Interface will automatically be available in only the most recent version of CVI. 
In order to use the FieldPoint functions in earlier versions of LabWindows/CVI, you have to manually add the FieldPoint CVI Interface (located in the NI Shared directory) to the available Libraries.

To do so,

  1. Right click on Libraries in the bottom left-hand panel of CVI and select Customize Library Menu… 
  2. A Customize Library Menu Dialog Box will appear. Select Browse... and locate the FieldPoint.fp files located in the NI Shared directory: Shared\CVI\Bin\FieldPoint.fp 
    (Alternatively, Select Add... and indicate the file path of the FieldPoint.fp file.)

  3. Press OK twice to exit both dialog boxes.
  4. Close and restart LabWindows/CVI to apply the changes.
  5. Check to see that the FieldPoint CVI Interface now shows up under Libraries.


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