How Do I Order the Rack Mount Kit for PXI Chassis?

Updated Sep 28, 2023



  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Rack Mount

The specification page of the PXI Chassis shows the option of buying front and back rack mounting kits. But I cannot find the product on your website. Where can I find the buying page?

The rack mounting kits can be found by Configuring A Custom NI System. 
  1. Start to Build Your Own PXI System  
  2. Select the Chassis tab along the top of the adviser and select your specific chassis
  3. Underneath the main Chassis tab entry at the top, click on 2.Options/Accessories
  4. One of the options is Rack Mount Kits
  5. You can also obtain the part number by clicking on the right hand side to "Save to Part List" or you can download to Excel to find the part number.
  6. Finally you can order by part number on this website.