Mounting PXI Chassis with Front or Rear Mounts Only

Updated Sep 28, 2023

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  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Rack Mount

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I have a PXI Chassis that I want to mount to an instrument rack. Do I need to use both front and rear mounting kits, or can I just mount from one end?


  • Smaller 8-Slot PXI Chassis' (such as the PXI-1042 or PXIe-1082) only require one side to be mounted to the rack. 
    • Note: If you want to mount a PXI Chassis from the rear side only, you must still use the front mount kit. You can do this by attaching the front mount to the back side of the chassis. The mounting holes are symmetrical to allow for this configuration.
  • Larger 18-Slot PXI Chassis' (such as the PXI-1045, PXIe-1085, or PXIe-1084) require both the front and rear mounting kits to support the extra weight. Consult your chassis' manual to determine if the rear mount kit is required or optional.