Why IVI Driver for Agilent N5770A DC Power Supply Does not Work?

Updated Mar 12, 2018

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Agilent N5770A DC Power Supply
LabVIEW IVI driver

Issue Details

I downloaded the IVI driver for the Agilent N5770A DC Power Supply.
I tried writing a small code to just set a voltage Output value. The code runs without any errors but the instrument do not reflect updated voltage.
I can communicate with the Supply well via VISA using the specific drivers written for it. But IVI driver does not work.
Can I actually use this IVI driver with Agilent N5770A? If not,are there any other drivers available for this instrument?


IVI driver for Agilent N5770A DC Power Supply not supported by NI. Its functionality is also not claimed validated by NI.
It is maintained by manufacturer only. 
You may contact manufacture for more information on this driver.

There are no other NI certified drivers available for Agilent N5770A.


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