RoboRIO Tank Drive With Two Joysticks

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • roboRIO-FRC

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I am following the NI tutorial on getting our roboRIO set up with tank drive, but the tutorial uses a single controller with multiple joysticks on-board and I am using two controllers each with a single joystick. How do I implement this?


If you want to use two separate joysticks, you will need to add another joystick reference in the begin VI and read from the second reference in teleop VI as the second input into the tank drive VI. An example of the begin VI and the teleop VI implementing this can be seen below:
Figure 1: Begin VI where we add an additional USB joystick
Figure 2: The addition of our second joystick, where we index out the needed axis for each and send it to our tank drive