How do I Change the Pad Sizes in Ultiboard?

Updated Oct 27, 2020



  • Ultiboard
  • Multisim

I want to change pad sizes for a number of components I have placed on the workspace. How do I do this?

Selection of pads:
  • Left click on the pad you want to change the size of, To select multiple pads, hold shift and select the pads you required
  • Alternatively, you can disable the selection for other objects using the selection toolbar. Once you have only enabled Through Hole and Surface Mount Devices, you can select all the ones required by left click and dragging.
  • Right click on a single pad and select properties. This will bring up a Hole Properties windows allowing you to configure the TH and SMD properties as required.
Configuring Pad Settings
  • To control the shape and size of the through hole pin, use the Pad tab. The preview in the Shape area of this tab shows the pad as it was created. The Selection Preview shows how the pad appears on the workspace.