Triaxial Accelerometers Power Requirements

Updated May 18, 2018

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  • Accelerometer Module for SCC

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I purchased a Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer. What products do I need to ensure that it can measure and get the correct power excitation it needs?


The Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer requires IEPE current excitation as well as an Analog Input for measurement. A device like the NI-9230 could provide both excitation and the analog input required for the device to work properly.

Additional Information

Keep in mind that since a Triaxial Accelerometer takes three measurements, it would require three different excitations. Therefore, one NI-9230 would have enough inputs for one Triaxial Accelerometer.

One other consideration to keep in mind is that a Signal& Vibration module brings dynamic data acquisition built for an accelerometer. Other voltage input modules can take in an accelerometer data but would have to provide an excitation as well as data signal processing to match the pre-built functions of our Signal & Vibration modules.


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