PXIe 8301 compatibility with USB 3 ports

Updated Nov 30, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-8301

Issue Details

I want to connect to a PXIe chassis with my laptop. I've found the PXIe 8301 module, which uses a thunderbolt connection to a remote host. Can I use an adapter to plug this into a USB-3 port on my computer?


While Thunderbolt and USB share the USB-C connector, the actual communication on the bus is different.

For the PXIe-8301, NI requires Thunderbolt, as Thunderbolt can route PCIe lines, which USB cannot do.

Additional Information

  • USB 3.0 operates at 5 gigabits per second
  • USB 3.1 operates at 10 gigabits per second
  • Thunderbolt v3 operates at 40 gigabits per second
  • The PXIe-8301 streams at 2.3 gigabytes, or 18.4 gigabits per second