Using LabVIEW on a Tablet Computer

Updated Sep 15, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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  • Windows

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I want to use LabVIEW on a Mobile Tablet device. Will it work and does National Instruments have recommendations of one to buy?


If your PC meets the LabVIEW system requirements, you can run LabVIEW on it, including Tablets! To get the full LabVIEW features, NI recommends using Windows Tablets that run a supported Windows operating system. Any tablet you use must also meet the performance requirements for LabVIEW. Check the LabVIEW system and software requirements here. It is recommended to install the Run-Time engine, and deploy software to Tablets as executables.

If you wish to use a Apple or Android computer, you can use the NI's Data-Dashboard App. Note that the data-dashboard is limited in what it can do, and will not deliver a full LabVIEW experience. 

When developing applications in LabVIEW for Tablets, keep these considerations in mind.
  • DPI: Lots of tablets have high DPI which means the text and buttons may end up being too small on the Tablet. It is recommended to either buy a Tablet with a lower resolution (usually cheaper too!) or designing your front panel with oversized buttons and text. 
  • Mouse Specific Events: Since the touch screen triggers some mouse events a little bit differently, some button mechanical actions may not work as expected (like switch until release). There is a 3rd party toolkit that is designed to help with these issues.


Additional Information

If you want to just use an application on the tablet rather than develop and create VI's or projects you can develop your project on a desktop computer and deploy your application as an executable or installer to the tablet.