Using Output Modules to Simulate Sensors

Updated Aug 1, 2018

Reported In


  • C Series Voltage Input Module
  • C Series Voltage Output Module
  • C Series Current Input Module
  • C Series Current Output Module
  • C Series Temperature Input Module
  • C Series Digital Input Device
  • C Series Digital Output Device

Issue Details

I have several current, voltage, digital, and other input modules that I would like to simulate a sensor for. Can I use other C-Series modules to do this?


Yes, you can use analog and digital output C Series modules to provide signals to your input modules. Check to make sure each device is within the specification of the other. For example, digital logic levels, excitation voltages, analog ranges (voltage and current), and others will need to be compatible to refrain from damaging either device. With compatible modules, this can be a good way to simulate many signals coming into your hardware at once without using sensors or other output devices. 


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