Create a Home License From Computer Based License in VLM

Updated Oct 25, 2020



  • Volume License Manager

As a Volume License Administrator, I would like to create a home license from one or more computer-based licenses in NI Volume License Manager (VLM). How do I create a home license from an existing computer in NI VLM?

Before beginning this process, make sure you obtain the computer ID of the home or mobile machine, which is required to generate the home license file. 

For VLM 3.1:  Please refer to the help manual regarding Home Licenses

For VLM 3.0:  Please refer to the help manual regarding Home Licenses

For VLM 2.1 and earlier:
  1. If you have already added a work computer that this user uses, right-click the existing computer and select Copy to New User.... In the User name field, type in the Windows login name for the user. Do not modify any settings in the Named-User Permissions tab. 
  2. Click OK. If you haven't added a computer for which the computer owner is this user, you can right-click on the User node, and select Create New User..., and then enter in the user information.
  3. Right-click on the user that has just been created, and select Create Home License....
  4. In the first dialog box, VLM will ask which computer's permissions you would like to use for this home license. Select the computers used by this user, so those computers' permissions can be included in the home license file. Click OK.
  5. Input the computer ID of the home machine, and select the expiration date or choose the checkbox for the license to not expire. Click OK.
  6. Save the home license file.

Additional Information

Ensure that your use of the home license is in compliance with National Instruments Software License Agreement Section 2C before implementing a home license on any computer