Can't See My SCXI-1600 in MAX

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • SCXI-1600
  • SCXI-1001

Issue Details

I have recently upgraded to a new machine running LabVIEW 2012 on Windows 10 and cannot see my SCXI-1600 in NI MAX. I tried installing the latest DAQmx drivers, but I still do not see it. What's wrong?


The SCXI-1600 is not currently supported on 64-bit versions of Windows 10. If you want to use Windows 10 you will have to install a 32-bit version of the operating system and download the latest version of the NI-DAQmx drivers that is compatible with both LabVIEW 2012, Windows 10, and the device you are using.

The latest version of DAQmx which supports all of the products you are using is NI-DAQmx 15.5.1.