How Can I Read and Route Trigger Signal Directly to My Camera Link Camera via the Camera Control Line (CCL)?

Updated Jun 29, 2018

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  • Line Scan Camera
  • Camera Link I/O Board


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-IMAQdx

Issue Details

I would like to be able to send my camera link camera an external trigger signal. How can I route this signal through the camera link frame grabber to use the camera control lines for my signal?


In order to route a trigger signal directly to the camera over CCL, you must make a small change to the camera’s camera file (*.icd). There are two ways in which you can edit a camera's camera file: manually (with a text editor) and in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).  For more information about what camera files are and where you can find them, please see the Related Links section below.

Manually Edit the Camera File:
Open the camera file in a text-editor (e.g. Notepad) and find the section of text as illustrated below. Make sure you are editing this text underneath the correct interface heading for the device you are using, as there will more than likely be multiple places in the camera file that this text exists.

Set the text to show UseDefaultSource (No) and CCSourceLineX (External, 0), where “X” is the camera control line you would like to use. The example text below routes the external Trigger Line 0 to the Camera Control Line 0.
     UseDefaultSource (No)
     CCSourceLine0 (External, 0)
     CCSourceLine1 (None, 1)
     CCSourceLine2 (None, 2)
     CCSourceLine3 (None, 3)

Use MAX to Edit Camera File:
You can use MAX to edit camera files programmatically. For routing the trigger signal to Camera Control Line, you will navigate to the Camera Control Lines Source section as indicated by the picture below.  To do this, find and select your camera on the left hand side under Devices & Interfaces. Then, select the Camera Attributes tab.  You should see the Camera Control Lines Source section where you can modify the settings to route the trigger signal directly.

The result of editing the camera file in this way can be seen in the picture below.  Notice that the exact same signal as the trigger line (in bold) is sent to the camera.


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