Sampling Rate Too Slow on 3rd Party DAQ Devices from Data Translation

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I am using Data Translations' LV-Link 3 library with LabVIEW to read analog signals from a Data Translation DAQ card. However, when I using this I can only achieve a maximum sampling of 7 kHz per second (1 kHz per channel). I would like to set the sampling rate for 7 channels to 10 kHz each, giving a total of 70 kHz but this will take normally 7 seconds to read. My DAQ device is a DT9803 USB module.


This applies to all DAQ devices from Data Translation™ with multiplexing inputs: The Sampling Freq. (Hz) of the Set Input Timing needs to be set to the total sample frequency. That is:
Total sampling frequency = Sample Frequency per Channel x Number of Channels

In the case described above Sampling Freq. (Hz) needs to be set to 70000 to obtain a rate of 10 kHz on all seven channels

Additional Information

Excerpt from the help page of the
"If your device has multiplexed analog input channels, you can determine the sampling frequency per channel as follows: Sample Frequency per Channel = Sample Freq (Hz)/Number of Channels." 


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