What is the Maximum Size of an Array in LabWindows™/CVI™?

Updated Apr 6, 2018

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  • LabWindows/CVI

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What is the maximum array size in LabWindows/CVI? Is it the same thing as a maximum stack size?


The maximum array size in LabWindows/CVI is 231 elements, which is the same as the maximum struct size. This is different from the maximum stack size. The stack is used for passing function parameters and storing automatic local variables, and is a unrelated to arrays. 

Additional Information

Note: The maximum stack size in LabWindows/CVI is 1 MB, the minimum stack size is 100 KB, and the default stack size is 250 KB. Please refer to LabWindows/CVI Programmer Reference Manual, which ships with LabWindows/CVI, for more information.