Is the NI Linux Real-Time Operating System POSIX-Compliant?

Updated May 3, 2018

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I have a program that I would like to run on NI Linux Real-Time, but it requires a POSIX-Compliant environment.  Is NI Linux Real-Time POSIX-Compliant?


POSIX compliance dictates that an operating system and its functions must conform to the IEEE 1003 and ISO/IEC 9945 Application Programming Interface (API) standards.  The Linux kernel does not strictly follow these standards and instead adheres to the ISO/IEC 23360-1:2006 standard called the Linux Standard Base (LSB).  

The Linux Standard Base aims to be mostly-compliant with POSIX standards, but incorporates features from other standards such as the Single UNIX Specification.  

Since NI Linux Real-Time is built from the Linux kernel source and GNU libraries, it is also subject to following the LSB instead of strict POSIX compliance.  Many of the API functions of the NI Linux Real-Time OS will behave the same as a POSIX-compliant operating system.

Additional Information

For further investigation into specific differences between POSIX and LSB, please consult the related links at the end of this article.


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