How Do I Connect to the Micro GPIB Port on My PXIe Controller?

Updated Oct 29, 2020



  • PXIe-8840
  • PXI Controller
  • GPIB Cable


  • GPIB Software

My PXIe embedded controller has a GPIB connection on the front. However, my GPIB cable is too large to fit on this connector. What type of connector is this and how do I interface with it?

Many embedded controllers have a micro-GPIB connector instead of a full-sized connector to save space. As mentioned in the GPIB section of the PXIe-8840 datasheet, the part number for the adapter that goes to a full-sized GPIB connector is 183285-0R2. The part number for the microGPIB to GPIB cable is 183285-01 (for the 1m cable) or 183285-02 (for the 2m cable).

Additional Information

The easiest way to find these parts is by looking at the "Accessories" of the PXIe-8840 and check under "Cables and Adapters"