CompactRIO Monitor Connected Through Mini-Display Port Not Turning On

Updated Nov 22, 2023



  • cRIO-9035
  • TSM-1015
  • TSM-1012

I experience one of the following situations:
  • My CompactRIO (cRIO) is working fine when my monitor plugged in using Mini DisplayPort is already on, but if I unplug and re-plug the cable, the display will not turn back on. 
  • My Touch Screen Monitor (TSM) has been working for weeks with my cRIO, and now all of a sudden it won't power on.
Is this by design? Is there some kind of way to re-enable the display?

This issue is likely due to the monitor being in a standby or power safe mode that it entered by default when the device changed state. 
  • Use the "System Exec. vi" in a loop on your RealTime target and enter in the command line "xrandr --auto --display :0". If you set the timing of the loop to 2000ms, every 2 seconds the RealTime target will generate an event to turn on the screen, if the screen is in standby or power safe mode.