Cannot Assign LabVIEW Debug Deployment License in Volume License Manager 3.0

Updated Mar 2, 2018

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager 3.0

Issue Details

I have set up my Volume License Manager to distribute licenses, and for the most part, everything is assigned to the users just fine. However, when I try to assign the LabVIEW Debug Deployment license, the "edit license" is greyed out and I cannot add the license to a user manually. It is a concurrent unmanaged license. What do I do?


Concurrent unmanaged licenses in Volume License Manager (3.0) cannot be assigned to specific users or computers. They are first come, first server, and the window will close once you've reached the maximum number of seats. To check to see if a concurrent unmanaged license has been checked out, simply navigate to the Licenses tab in VLM and click the license in question. A user/computer should be listed beneath with "network checkout" displayed beneath the "source".


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