Does NI Vision Support Stereo Vision or Depth Perception?

Updated Oct 6, 2022



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  • I have a system where objects will be at varying distances from two cameras. Can NI-Vision software determine depth information without previous knowledge of the object's size?
  • Can NI Vision find the location of an object in the XYZ plane?

Vision Development Module 2012:

Starting with LabVIEW 2012, Vision Development Module now includes binocular stereo vision algorithms to calculate depth information from multiple cameras.  By using calibration information between two cameras, the new algorithms can generate depth images, providing richer data to identify objects, detect defects, and guide robotic arms on how to move and respond.

Before 2012: 

There are no built-in NI Vision or NI-IMAQ functions for stereoscopy previous to 2012. However, you can implement this using a custom algorithm to get the best results for your individual application. With the two cameras, use either blob detection or pattern matching to first detect the object, then find the pixel coordinates from both images and finally apply the algorithm that translates the pixel position discrepancies into distance and size.

Additional Information

NI Vision Development Module for LabVIEW offers the depth computing example.

1. In LabVIEW, open NI Example Finder by selecting Help»Find examples.
2. Navigate to Toolkits and Modules»Vision»Stereo Vision directory
3. Double-click Compute Depth to open the example.