Adding Blank Folders to a TestStand Deployment

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • TestStand

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I am looking to include blank folders within my distributed TestStand program, is this possible? 


You cannot manually add blank folders to your TestStand deployed programs because when you run the TestStand Deployment Utility it will optimize the program and as a result it will remove any unnecessary files such as blank folders. One work around to include a custom folder though would be to add a dummy file (i.e. a blank text document) within the folder which will guarantee that the folder is included within the distributed program.

It is possible to add a blank folder programmatically within the distribution but the user must create a customized command within the "TestStand Deployment Installer options". However, if not performed correctly this can cause additional problems within the distributed program and due this complication it is not a highly recommended approach. 


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