DIAdem VIEW Loads 2D-Axis Data Slowly

Updated Jan 3, 2019

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  • DIAdem

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I am loading data into a 2D-Axis in DIAdem VIEW and have noticed 5-10 minute load times.  What could be causing this? 


There are a few steps to try to speed up load times: 
  1. Change the Data Loading behavior to "Always load bulk data".  This will increase processor load some but decrease load times: 

  2. Disable any startup scripts that might be running.  From the DIAdem environment, select Settings >> DIAdem Settings >> General.  There should be a Start Script field.  Make sure this is not populated. 
  3. Rename Desktop.DDD to remove any references to VIEW events you may have configured.
  4. If you are loading a preconfigured .TDV file on startup, load an empty .TDV and manually load your custom .TDV file after importing data. 


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