Error: The RIO Can't Switch to Active Mode Because All the Slaves Are Responding to the Network

Updated Apr 23, 2018

Reported In


  • cRIO-9035


  • LabVIEW SoftMotion Module


Parker P Series EtherCAT Drives

Issue Details

After running the SDI plugin example for the Parker P Series, I am unable to rerun the example, receiving the error message The RIO cant switch to Active Mode because all the slaves are responding to the network. I am using the SDI Plug-in - Parker P Series Example VI's stop button. I am not using the abort VI button. The drives are connected via daisy chain EtherCAT to my cRIO 9035. How can I resolve this?


Check if your physical Ethernet hardware connections are loose. This can happen with loose connections to one or more of your slave devices. This can manifest in a few different ways:
  • If your physical connector on your ethernet cable is missing its clip, it can easily become loose with tension on the line.
  • You can look for orange and green activity LEDs on the Ethernet port to ensure that you do have an active connection between your slaves and your RIO.
  • As a final troubleshooting step, you can swap out the Ethernet cable to attempt troubleshooting this connection problem.

Additional Information

If the connection is loose, the device will keep intermittently switching between being online and offline, thus creating issues when switching between scan mode and configuration mode.


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