Changing Text or Background Color of Control or Indicator in LabVIEW

Updated Aug 29, 2023



  • LabVIEW

  • I want to change the background color of the text box in my string indicator programmatically. When I use a Property Node to change the color it only changes a small border around my text.
  • I want to change the color of the text used in the label for my control or indicator. I can change the background color using the tools palette, but not the text color

  1. Create a Property Node for your control or indicator
    1. Right click on your control or indicator on the block diagram
    2. Select Create >> Property Node
  2. Select Text >> Text Colors >> BG Color as the property
  3. Right click the Property Node and select Change To Write
  4. Wire a color box to the input terminal

To change the text color of the label you would follow a similar process except to select Label >> Text Colors >> Text Color

Additional Information

When selecting the property it is possible to select Text >> Colors >> BG Color, rather than Text >> Text Colors >> BG Color. The former property only changes the background color of the control, the text box containing the string overlaps this color, which results in only a small border being visible.

These 2 properties have the same name on the property node but behave differently.

Note that all objects have the FG property, so changes made may not be detected.