Equivalent Function for ConfigureTotalizeStartArm and ConfigureTotalizeStopArm

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-488.2
  • Keysight AG5313XNI Driver
  • Keysight AG532XX Driver


Keysight 53131A, 53131B, 53181A
Keysight 53200 Series RF and Universal Frequency Counter/Timers: 53210A, 53220A, 53220A, 53230A

Issue Details

I have the ag5313xa IVI driver, which I am using with my Keysight 53131x instrument. I am replacing/upgrading to a 53200 Series instrument. I cannot find the equivalent functions in the new ag532xx driver for this function:

ViStatus _VI_FUNC ag5313xa_ConfigureTotalizeStartArm ( 
 ViSession vi, 
 ViInt32 triggerSource, 
 ViInt32 triggerSlope);


ConfigureTotalizeStartArm was replaced in the newer IVI drivers by ConfigureExternalStartArm. ConfigureExternalStartArm will allow configuration of the trigger source and slope.

Additional Information

Trigger slope and source only needs to be set for external start arm (and stop arm) and not for internal. Therefore, ConfigureStartArm should be used to first to configure to external, and then ConfigureExternalStartArm can be used to set the properties.


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