How Do I Connect My NI 951x to My Parker P Series Drive?

Updated Jun 26, 2019

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  • NI-9516
  • NI-9514

Issue Details

I have been looking at the NI 9516 pin-outs and the Parker P series PD-04P single axis servo drive /controller. The pinouts on the DSUB and MDR connector do not seem to correspond to the pinouts on the PD-04P. Since the P-Series motors are advertised on the NI site, is there any resource that will show me how the connections are made between the two are made?


The NI 9516 needs the NI 951X Cable and Terminal Block Bundle to break out all of its pins. As for wiring the 951X to your Parker P Series Drive you can follow along in the 9516's manual, NI 9516 Operating Instructions and Specifications. A specific wiring example is shown on page 11, and all of the corresponding pinouts are listed on pages 12-14.

Additional Information

The 951X Cable and Terminal Block Bundle will be offered as an accessory when you checkout on our website. You will be able to directly connect the pinouts from the terminal block to your drive, and if you have any troubles, you can contact our support. 


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