Connect All Inputs and Outputs on My Switch Module

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-2527
  • PXI-2501
  • PXIe-2569

Issue Details

I need to simultaneously connect multiple outputs to a single input programatically. Can I do this on a PXI switch module by closing all the switches to have all the inputs and outputs connected?


This is possible on a switch module if the switch supports matrix topology. The product page or datasheet will mention that the card can be used as a matrix switch if it supports this, such as the PXI-2501. If your card only says it can be used in multiplexer mode, such as the PXIe-2527, then the driver will not allow you to close more than one switch.

If the switch card is a mux, the software will not allow you to do this. If it is a matrix used in a mux topology, this works. Trying to do so on a mux card will give the following error: "Route cannot be found between the specified endpoints."

Additional Information

Even if your card does support matrix switching, this is not the typical use case of a switch. If your goal is to connect a single input to multiple outputs, a relay module such as the PXI-2569 would be more appropriate.


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