Unexpected Data Using SCXI Analog Input Modules

Updated Mar 12, 2018

Reported In


  • Chassis for SCXI
  • SCXI Cable
  • Voltage Input Module for SCXI

Issue Details

I have an SCXI system which is taking in many analog inputs from various sources.  Suddenly, the data returned from any module in the SCXI chassis is not correct.  When testing the channels using a DC source, I see voltages throughout the range of the device and many discontinuities.


This behavior could be that there is a problem with the signal connection to the ADC of the controlling board.  This could come from one of the following sources:
  • Controlling board pin electronics
  • Cable between controlling board and SCXI chassis
  • SCXI cable adapter
  • SCXI backplane fuses
  • Damaged SCXI input module
To troubleshoot this issue, try to isolate the different hardware components of this system.  It is easiest if you have spares which you can swap in.  Replace each component one at a time to see if the problem is resolved.

Additional Information

For information on replacing the SCXI backplane fuses, see this document.


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