25 Pin Micro D-Sub to Standard GPIB Cable for PXI Controllers

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI Controller
  • Controller for VXI

Issue Details

I purchased a VXI controller, PXI(e) controller, or PMC-GPIB module, and the I/O connector for GPIB is listed as a Micro D-Sub 25-pin connector, not the standard IEEE 488 24-pin connector. Does this mean that I need a special cable?


Yes, these products are too small for the full size GPIB connector and therefore use a non-standard GPIB cable.  You can purchase these cables as an accessory for any device which has the 25 pin Micro D-Sub GPIB connector.  They will be an option under accessories on the purchase page of the product.

Additional Information

The cable is an X13 GPIB cable.  If you need to order a replacement, the part numbers are:

183285-01 (1m)
183285-02 (2m)
183285-0R2 (.2m)