Error -1074384742 in NI-XNET

Updated Jan 7, 2019

Reported In


  • CAN Interface Device


  • LabVIEW




XNET Bus Monitor

Issue Details

When running my XNET application, I receive the following error:

NI-XNET: (Hex 0xBFF6309A) The interface has already been opened with different cluster settings than the ones specified for this session. Solution: make sure that the cluster settings agree for the interface, or use a different interface.

Why am I receiving this error, and how can I fix it?


There are a few possible causes for this error:
  1. This error can occur when a session is opened but not closed and cleared before another session is opened on the same interface.
Check through the VI to ensure that all sessions are properly closed and cleared to fix this error.
  1. This error can also arise when you run the NI-XNET Bus Monitor and an XNET Read session on the same CAN port. The XNET session in LabVIEW will attempt to overwrite the Bus Monitor's session settings and will throw this error as a result.
To resolve this, go to the XNET Bus Monitor and go to Settings » Interface and Database, and set the Run Mode to Subordinate. This will force the Bus Monitor to defer to the LabVIEW session's settings and should clear up the error.