What Are Best Practices for Custom Data Types in TestStand?

Updated Apr 19, 2023

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  • TestStand

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What are the best practices for using custom data types in TestStand to ensure that changes are propagated to all sequence files?


For a full discussion of how to properly implement Custom Data Types, refer to NI TestStand Type Management Best Practices.


Additional Information

A TestStand application loads files that contain types in the order shown above in the list of files used to store types.  When a file is loaded, all the types defined in the document are loaded into memory as well. Each type is uniquely identified by name and version number. 

The engine selects the version of the type to use and updates all instances of the type to match the one the engine selected ​because the TestStand Engine can only have one version of a type in memory at a time,.  By default, types are configured so that the engine selects the type with the highest version number.