Error -1733 While Executing TestStand Sequence File

Updated Feb 23, 2018

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

While trying to execute my sequence file, I get an Error with code -17311. How do I resolve this?


If you are passing a TestStand variable to a LabVIEW code module, you need to update the TestStand Custom Data type whenever you change the LabVIEW cluster definition (i.e. change the name of elements within the cluster)

The problem can be resolved by first going to the Types Palette (View » Types) and find the custom data type that you are using to pass data to the LabVIEW cluster.  Go the the Cluster Passing tab in the Properties Dialog and ensure that the Cluster Item Label field matches the name of the element in the LabVIEW cluster for each element.  See the screen shot below for an example.

Additional Information

This error generally occurs because the names of one or more elements in a LabVIEW cluster have been changed recently. 


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