NI 9220 Acquisition Errors and Hangs with DAQmx

Updated May 15, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9220


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I noticed that the NI 9220 will always return Error -200284: Some or all of the samples requested have not yet been acquiredor Error -209866 occurred at Property Node DAQmx Timing despite the computer, version of DAQmx driver, or configuration. The module was previously working. Why is this occurring?


NI discovered an issue where certain scan list configurations causes the module to hang due to the FPGA running onboard the device. Subsequent use of the module with the effected scan lists or after the scan list will return Error -200284. If using DAQmx 18.1 or newer Error -209866 will be thrown. This issue only affects users employing the module with the DAQmx driver. The effected Scan Lists are as follows:
  • 2003->CH0, CH1, CH13
  • 4003->CH0, CH1, CH14
  • 4005->CH0, CH2, CH14
  • 4006->CH1, CH2, CH14
  • 4007->CH1, CH2, CH14
  • 6003->CH0, CH1, CH2, CH14
  • 8003->CH1, CH2, CH15
  • 8005->CH1, CH4, CH15
  • 8006->CH2, CH3, CH15
  • 8007->CH0, CH1, CH2, CH15
  • 8009->CH0, CH3, CH15
  • 800A->CH1, CH3, CH15
  • 800B->CH0, CH1, CH3, Ch15
  • 800C->CH2, CH3, CH15
  • 800D->CH0, CH2, CH3, CH15
  • 800E->CH1, CH2, CH3, CH15
  • 800F->CH0, CH1, CH2, CH3, CH15
  • A003->CH0, CH1, Ch13, CH15
  • C003->CH0, Ch1, CH14, CH15
  • C005->CH0, CH2, CH14, CH15
  • C006->CH1, CH2, CH14, CH15
  • C007->CH0, CH1, CH2, CH14, CH15
  • E003->CH0, CH1, Ch13, CH14, CH15
If the previously mentioned scan lists were used you can reset the Chassis, unplug and re-plug the module in the Chassis, or power cycle the Chassis in order to get the module back into a working state.



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