Why do I Receive an Error Message After Uninstalling One Bitness of TestStand?

Updated Jan 3, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand
  • Switch Executive

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I had both bitnesses of TestStand installed on my machine, but after uninstalling one bitness, I receive one of the following errors while trying to run the other bitness of TestStand:
  • An error message related to source code control with an error code of -18370 while opening a workspace file, opening the source control settings for a workspace file, or editing the source code control settings from the Source Control menu in TestStand
  • "A call to open a session to the device failed" error with an error code of -17500 when executing a step which uses the built-in switching functionality provided by NI Switch Executive.
How can I resolve these errors?


These errors can occur when one bitness of TestStand is uninstalled from a computer but the other bitness of the same version is still installed. To resolve these issues, the TestStand Version Selector must be used to make the remaining bitness of TestStand active.

Complete the following steps to run the TestStand Version Selector:
  1. Navigate Start » All Programs » National Instruments » TestStand Shared and click TestStand Version Selector to launch the Version Selector dialog.
  2. Choose your desired version of TestStand from the Installed TestStand Versions drop-down menu and click Make Active to activate this version of TestStand. Note that you should do this even if your version of TestStand is listed as the current active version.
  3. Click Exit to close the TestStand Version Selector.
This will resolve the errors and allow you to use the desired bitness of TestStand on your machine.


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