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NI-USRP RIO Not Recognized by Computer

Updated Apr 25, 2023

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My NI-USRP RIO is not being recognized by my computer. What steps can I take to ensure that my computer recognizes the device?


Please download and install the latest NI-USRP driver from the NI-USRP driver download page. Then follow the steps below to ensure that your device is recognized in the system.
  • If connecting with a MXI-Express Cable:

  1. Ensure that the NI-USRP drivers have been installed and your computer has been rebooted after the installation.
  2. Power off the computer.
  3. Connect the USRP to your computer and power on the USRP.
  4. Power on the computer.
  • If connecting with Ethernet:

  1. Ensure that the NI-USRP device is connected to a computer with a Gigabit-compatible Ethernet adapter.
  2. Ensure that all intermediate network equipment like switches (if any) are also Gigabit-Ethernet compatible.
  3. Ensure that a static IP address of is assigned to the adapter in your computer.
  4. Allow the NI-USRP up to 15 seconds to completely start up.