Open DIAdem 2017 .SUD File with Older Versions of DIAdem

Updated Dec 2, 2019

Reported In


  • DIAdem 2015 Professional
  • DIAdem 2015 Base
  • DIAdem 2015 Advanced
  • DIAdem 2017 Data Acquisition Module Full
  • DIAdem 2017 Data Acquisition Module Base
  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I have a .SUD file that has been saved with DIAdem 2017. I would like to open this file using a previous version of DIAdem, but I get a message saying the file format is invalid: 

How can I open this .SUD file in a previous version of DIAdem?


.SUD files are not backwards compatible starting with DIAdem 2017, so you will have to create your .SUD file anew if you need to use it with DIAdem 2015 SP2 or earlier. This applies for any case in which you are trying to open a newer .SUD file in an older Diadem version

Additional Information

You can create a .SUD file in DIAdem 2015 SP2 or earlier, then open it in DIAdem 2017. However, if you attempt to save it, DIAdem will display this dialog box to make you aware that it will no longer be compatible: