How Do I Get My cRIO 9014 out of Configuration Mode?

Updated Feb 8, 2018

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  • cRIO-9014

Issue Details

I can connect to my cRIO 9014 in NI MAX, but the system says it is unconfigured. I do not have an option to add software to it. What do I need to do to be able to use my cRIO?


Unconfigured generally refers to its IP settings. To fix this,
  1. Switch IP Reset to ON to reset the IP to
  2. Reset the controller
  3. Wait for the controller to boot up
  4. Switch the IP Reset OFF
  5. Reset the controller.
  6. Go into NI MAX to modify the IP settings, and set it to static, and give it IP settings according to your network.
  7. Restart the controller, and you should be able to add/remove software now.

Additional Information

  1. You can look at your computer's IP settings to get an idea of what IP to use. You would want to use an IP address with the same first 3 numbers as your IP address, and increase the last number by 1. i.e. if your Host computer's IP is, you would want to try 
  2. One way to check if the IP is already taken is to go to command prompt, and ping the ip address. If it says it is unreachable (it may mention your default gateway's IP address in this message), then you can be reasonable sure it is not currently in use on the network.    


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